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Hey you, hi!

I'm a man of little words, and as such, I find the idea of writing a blog rather useless (if you still feel like reading a blog of mine try looking in here although I don't promise keeping it too updated. In fact I promise not keeping it updated regulary)

The name is Fabrizio. Fabrizio Hernández. But surfing the interwebs I go by the name of Fabzter. I'm a developer and programming enthusiast focused on code quality, simplicity and creativity. I've led projects focused on ERP characteristics for Celex (which happens to be the greatest telcel dealer in México don't mind the horrible web site), and Inteligencia Avanzada. I also spent some time as a code monkey at sidetec. Currently, I'm developing for Biometría Aplicada the greatest biometric distributor in Latin America.

Programming Projects

If you came looking for my projects, online portfolio and such, this would be a good place to start looking. There you'll find a (hopefully) updated listing of every hobby or professional project I've been on. Caveat Emptor for I'm too lazy to remember them all.


None of the opinions or information expressed in this web site reflects those of my contractor.

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