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Oct 19 2016

Ejecutar aplicaciones de .net core en Raspbian (raspberry pi)

Ejecutar aplicaciones de .net core es totalmente posible dentro de linux. Y tambiƩn desde Raspbian en tu raspberry pi!

Nov 27 2014

Modeling Tree Structures in a Database Using a Transitive Closure

Learn about a very efficient way to model and retrieve hierarchical (as in trees) data structures in a relational Database. Get as deep as you want!

Feb 27 2014

How to Load Table Definitions Using Sqlalchemy ORM

Table autoloading, in Sqlalchemy, is the process of loading table info such as columns and foreign keys into a class. But it's not obvious.

Jan 7 2014

CMake Tutorial For The Lazy Part 1: Part One

Need to use CMake but are lazy? Do no effort and start right here

Nov 30 2013

Configure Postgresql 9.3 in Ubuntu 12.04

All the basic steps you need to get started once you installed your Postgresql Server

Nov 29 2013

How to Add a PPA to Ubuntu 12.04 Server

You need to install a way to use add-apt-repository first!

Nov 11 2013

How to avoid Entity Framework to spawn a Distributed Transaction

If you're using Entiy Framework inside a TransactionScope you may get in problems concerning Distributed Transactions and migraines.

Nov 11 2013

Calling Entity Framework's SaveChanges Within a Transaction

I recently discovered that calling context.SaveChanges inside a .Net transaction scope prevented Database changes to be rolled back. I solved it.

Jun 11 2013

COM Resources

Here are some useful resources I found around the web for programming COM in Windows.

May 8 2013

Windows 8 Control Styles for WPF

Developing WPF good looking apps (or any kind of good looking app) is quite the chore for me. These styles helped me get a decent look.

Apr 30 2013

Receive Array Parameters In a Stored Procedure In Sql Server

I was faced with this situation where I needed to pass a variable number of arguments to a stored procedure. I was able to integrate this solution.

Apr 24 2013

SFML2 binaries for Visual Studio 2012

I hate it when developers don't provide ready to use binaries. SFML2 doesn't provide binaries for windows. I built them. Download here!

Nov 5 2012

Batch Update And Delete In Entity Framework

Using the Entity Framework Extended Library you can do batch updates and delete (as well as other nice operations)

Sep 21 2012

Removing Nonspacing Characters (Tildes, accents) from Unicode Strings in Python

Special Characters are not very helpul for searching in a database, are they? Learn how to clean them before storing them!

Sep 5 2012

Custom Model Field Editors In Mvc3

Ever wondered what MVC's @Html.EditorFor really means? Well, by default it shows a text input, but you can template it to your needs!

Aug 1 2012

Common (but hard to find) Regular Expressions

I always struggle with Regular Expressions.If you're like me, you don't have problems with the teory behind them, but with the horrible syntax...

Jul 25 2012

Graphical Explanation For SQL Joins

I found this while surfing the interwebs, if it's yours and want it removed from my blog, just send a comment : )

Jul 17 2012

How To Update A Single Property Of An Entity In Entity Framework

Tired of having to deal with poor SQL generated by EntityFramework's Update? Here I show you a little neat trick to optimize it

Apr 24 2012

Automated Incremental Remote Backups On Windows With Rsync

This is the way you setup SSH and Rsync your Windows client and server for automated incremental backup

Apr 19 2012

Geolocation And Routes With Google Maps

A quick and dirty dive into Geolocation API and Google Maps and Routing API

Apr 17 2012

Big Letters

Ultra small and unefficient python script for printing big characters to std out

Apr 14 2012

Hello World!

Hello Everybody! This is my new blog - site.