Big Letters is a small but funny python script for printing words in large format to std out

Big Letters

Around 5 years ago I was trying to get fluent in python (I accomplished my porpouse at that time, but right now my python is a little rusty, teeheee) so I decided to make the dumbest, but at the same time kindda useful, cli script I could. So I wrote!!

This script takes all it's passed arguments and reprints them to std out. Lets jump directly to the example:


And... That's it! I think it cannot get clearer than that. I hope you like it, and do read the source, luke. You'll be greeted with a nice object oriented script. It even has a factory... if you want to improve it a little you just need to make the factory distribute objects from a pool instead of creating them every time

Oh yeah, here's the code, too

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