Having to build software (even your own) can be a real pain in the ass. Why doesn't SFML guys provide binaries for their lastest release candidates? Don't worry I've got you covered

SFML2 binaries for Visual Studio 2012

The Problem

I know, you just want to develop a game. You fire up Visual Studio 2012, open a new C++ project, code some game entities, only to find that you just can't link to SFML2, because project mantainers did not take the time to do it (it's probable they are much more busy people than you and me). You say

wut do?

I know. Oh boy do I know.

Your Solution

I know it very well because I found myself in this very situation last sunday while working with my colleague Victorino. We lost maybe an hour only to this. As the good carer and protector that I am, I provide you with them here, in hopes that you create the next Halo, or whatever kewl game kids play these days.

Feel free to thank me. Happy Coding!

Posted by: fabzter
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