MCTraffic: Real Time Traffic simulation for México City

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MCTraffic: Real Time Traffic simulation for México City

So, around 2008 I was chatting with Nicolás Dominguez Vergara (researcher for Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo) about one of the biggest problem in México city: gas emissions derived from heavy traffic. He already had this idea of trying and modeling as accurately as possible Mexico's city traffic based on real vehicle fleet data (coming directly from INEGI) and maps taken from Google Maps.

After struggling a little with my (by the time...) not so developed programming skills and zero game programming, me and my main colleage (Hugo César Hernández Piña) put up together a proof of concept that enables you to use a random map from google maps and put a set of "vehicles" to run through it.

Still a proof of concept, the projects holds no real data. It uses PIL for simple computer vision and loading and processing the maps, A* path finding algorithm and PyGame.

Go to the project page here or clicking the screenshot.