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So, I gave myself an Amazon Kindle Dx for my 25th birthday. There was no cake, there was no clown, no friends nor girlfriend, but there do was a marvelous 9.7" e-ink tablet waiting for me at home (and ~$500 less in my account...).

Everything's being great. Well, almost everything. Have you heard about kindle's free global 3g service? Well, it sure works, but it's obviously severely restrictied (speaking in terms of speed), so trying to use it for a little more than retrieving books or documents from your Amazon account just feels wrong.

But I want to tweet, and do it from my kindle. What's the point of having a kindle if you can't tweet from it? Twitter's home page is terribly unusable from kindle (as pretty much of modern internet is) mostly because of heavy http responses and all that funky javascript. So I created a web client that had responses as light as I could offer and zero javascript. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, a truly lightweight twitter client. It's fast as fuck and simple as ... well, as fuck as well... meaning in that it looks pretty ugly, since giving it formating would result in a heavier response to your browser.

Whatever, you can check the site itself here or the bitbucket repo right here.