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Quassimodo was born in my last year at university (oh sweet sweet time). It was developed as my final project and the main subjects me and my partner Hugo César Hernández Piña focused on were: interlanguage interaction, artifitial inteligence, and 3D graphics.

So, we take Quoridor (the board game), create a 3D GUI around it, organize the code using agents, bundle a scripting engine and called it Quassimodo.

So, What Is Exactly Quassimodo?

Quassimodo is a (special kind of) multiplatform game. It is written in C++ and Python, using the Irrlicht 3D engine and Boost.

It's different from other games in that you don't control your piece directly, but rather you must write an A.I. in Python to control your piece on the board against a preloaded A.I. with the Python API. The API has both high and low level methods depending on how much control you need over your piece.

This is the project's google page. There you have access to the SVN repository if you're interested to build a copy for yourself. It's worth it!

Oh I almost forgot: Quassimodo has a daughter project. I'll soon upload more info about it.